The Basics


Exercise #1–Warm Ups with Contractions

Start out by making your PC muscle nice and tense, then quickly releasing. The release is the key to this exercise. You only want to hold your tension for 1 second at a time. Try and do it at least 24 times in a row to start, over the course of about 30 seconds. You may need to do less if this is your first time tensing. This exercise can be tricky at first, but for anyone experiencing problems doing 15 or more in their first try, you may consider easier routines before moving forward with this exercise. Even just doing 15 shows that your penis is ready for this kind of workout and will help you get a handle on things. Control is key. Take a bit of a break before you start again, but this time try and push your limits a little bit. Don’t go crazy, but make your comfort zone stretch a little bit. Try doing 3 reps, but holding them for 2 whole seconds each instead of just 1. It will give you an idea of what your PC muscle will be like if you keep it up with this routine, and also show you exactly how hard it can be to hold your tension. Don’t worry if it’s hard, you’ll get better!

Quick recap:
-Start with 15-24 quick reps, 1 second each, depending on your comfort zone.
-Take a 1 minute break.
-Finish with 3 long reps, 2 seconds each.

Standard Workout Regime

Now that you are nice and warmed up we can get down to the brass tax. A typical workout is comprised of 20 contractions. Each set should take about 30 to 60 seconds. You always want to take a break between reps, usually about a minute. Ideally, you would be able to complete a total of 250 reps throughout a day to start, working your way up to 1000 once you are experienced. Break it up in ways that make sense to you. You could do 5 set of 20 each and easily hit 100 contractions. That’s almost half of what you want to be able to do after your first week, and a great place to start your new strength training

Variations on a theme

Long Form Contractions

Standard contractions are, well, standard, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t mix things up. These moves are mostly for people who are already comfortable with the aforementioned warm ups and exercises, as they involve holding for longer. Remember to breathe!

Here’s the long form:
1.) Take a few deep breathes. Breathing is essential to living, as well as to getting a good hard workout in. It helps to relax your muscles and bring oxygen to all of your parts.

2.) Contract your PC muscle. You want a slow, deep squeeze. Tense until you can’t tense anymore. Get to your comfort zone and push, but don’t break any barriers just yet.

3.) Count to 20 while squeezing.

4.) Release. Rest for 30 seconds. Do it all over again.

That all counts as 1 rep. Do it 5 times total and you’ve completed a set.

If the length is too hard for you, try cutting it in half. 1 second is hard, 2 seconds is harder, 20 seconds is a lot, even for experienced contractors. Listen to your body and adjust as needed. It will get easier the more you practice and before long you will be holding it for even longer.

The results from this are incredible. Not only will your penis be healthier, it will be so much stronger. You could literally spray ejaculate everywhere once you have done this for long enough. You will be impressed with your new found sexual stamina, too!

“Climbing the Mountain”

For this exercise you are actually building upon intensity. You start out with a light tense, holding it for a few seconds. Then you contract again a little harder, hold, and then do it again just a little bit harder. You want to build that intensity until you get to the point where you can’t tense anymore. Once you get to that deep place, hold it for 5 seconds. Release and start all over again.

“The Tidal Wave”

This exercise is effective, but takes much longer than the other ones, so make sure you have ample time when you embark upon your wave. Tense lightly and hold. For the next 3 to 4 minutes tense off and on, gradually building in intensity. Similar to “Climbing the Mountain,” right? Well once it feels like you can’t do another tense, you hold that final tense for a whopping 30 seconds before you finally get to release. Riding the wave takes a little longer than climbing the mountain, but it can be very effective when done correctly.

All of these exercises are simple and can be done anywhere, and they are all effective and will help you to gain the results you so desperately desire. Master these and women will be begging at your feet–we guarantee!

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