The Basics


Jelqing; “Milking of the penis”–used to increase length and width of a penis when erect and flaccid.

But why should I do jelqing?

If you are trying to enlarge your penis as naturally as possible, Jelqing is the best and most effective exercise for you. It is so easy and can easily be paired with other penis enhancement exercises to give you the most bang for your time in terms of gains. It will quickly become the most important exercise in your routine!

Jelqing works by forcing the blood through the penis. By doing this consistently over the course of several weeks or months you can actually make your penis appear bigger. This happens because it expands the spaces that fill with blood! By encouraging your penis to fill with blood more often, it is able to find more places to allow the blood to go, thus making it look bigger. The results are indefinite, so long as you follow the directions!

A lot of guides will try and make a distinction between the types of milking you are doing, but there are really only two basic ways to milk; wet or dry. Any variation on the theme is mainly for comfort or show. You are always either doing a wet or a dry milk.

Before you begin, make sure that you have a nice lube to work with. It’s very important for the wet milks. Never use shampoo or soap, it can irritate your penis. You can access our list of recommended lubes on the following pages.

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