The Compressor

The Compressor is similar to the other bending exercises. It compresses (and employs pressure) along the points of the bend, causing girth expansion. However, rather than doing one bend on the entire penis, the compressor performs small bends along the penis shaft.

Erection level: 90 to 95 percent (do not do this exercise completely erect, or you’re liable to cause an injury).
Recommended Reps: 4 to 6

The Exercise: This exercise uses two hands.

1. Hand One: Perform a tight overhand OK-grip at the base of your penis.
2. Hand Two: Perform a tight overhand grip over the end of your penis (the glans penis). You can cover the glans, so long as you don’t provide direct pressure.
3. While still holding both grips: Slightly force both hands towards one another. This should “compress” the penis.
4. Hand Two:While compressed, slightly move the penis back and forth, causing small bends along the shaft.

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