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From: Ryan McLane
RE: What You Need To Know About Sex

Hey, it’s Ryan again and… Congratulations! You did it. You just made the smartest move of your life. Your cock size, confidence, and masculine power is about to be transformed.

And now you’re well on your way to getting the length and girth you want, I’d like to share one more piece to the puzzle to make sure your girl has an unforgettable experience in the bedroom again and again and again.

Read every word on this page and I’ll share one simple trick to last long enough to give her multiple orgasms, and guarantee that she’s the one chasing YOU for sex.

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Due to its sensitive nature, it could be banned and removed at any time.

First off, I need to share with you four big secrets I’ve discovered about women and sex.
Secrets that’s taken me many years to figure out, and knowing
these four things can make the difference between whether a girl thinks you are a stud
or a dud in the bedroom.

Sex Secret Number One: Size Alone is Never Enough to Truly Please a Woman

Now don’t get me wrong. Adding INCHES to your cock means you’ll be able to reach places none of her ex-boyfriends ever reached before. Yet…

If you really want to blow her mind, you’ve got to be able to last long enough to give her a satisfying penetration orgasm.

You probably already know that women are
biologically programmed to want penetration from a man, the same way we are programmed
to want to penetrate a woman.

But what most guys don’t know is this: the orgasms a woman gets from
penetration sex are literally 10 times as intense and powerful as any orgasm she can
get by any other means.

But here’s what’s really crazy…

Sex Secret Number Two: Women Don’t Just Love Penetration Orgasms… They Actually NEED Them

When you have sex with a woman, a special chemical is released in her brain that tells
her whether or not you are a good mate.

This chemical is called oxytocin and the more of this chemical that is released, the more
she becomes attracted to you.

If you ejaculate too quickly, her brain doesn’t have time to
register that she is having sex, and nothing happens.

None of the oxytocin is released and she quickly grows tired of you.

On the other hand, if you last long enough to give her a penetration orgasm, her brain is
literally flooded with this chemical.

She immediately becomes sexually addicted to you and sees you as
the one for her.

Women need this chemical in order to tell if a guy
is the right mate, and if you can’t give her a penetration orgasm, she’s not going to

Sex Secret Number Three: If You Can’t Give a Woman a Penetration Orgasm, She Can Never Really Be Attracted to You

Because of this biological need a woman has for penetration orgasms, if a guy can’t give
one, she begins to see him as less of a man.

This is especially true if a guy she was with before you was good in bed.

When this happens, she starts to worry she is with the wrong man and thinks about going
to her ex or finding a new guy.

If you’re not giving a woman orgasms from actual penetration sex, her brain
tells her to find someone who will,
even if you’re perfect for her in every
other way.

I learned this the hard way when a girl I was in love with cheated on me and then left me
for another guy.

Sex Secret Number Four: Giving a Woman a Penetration Orgasm Can Actually Be Easy

A lot of men make the mistake of thinking that they need to be huge or know some kind of
special technique to give a woman a penetration orgasm.

Not true.

All it takes is a firm, steady motion and being able to last at
least 20 minutes in bed.

Women aren’t like us men. I know you’ve heard that women like a lot of foreplay. That’s
true. Because everything takes longer for a woman. It takes
longer for her to get warmed up and ready for sex, and it takes longer for her to get

Let me say this in a different way, it doesn’t take tricks to give your girl a
orgasm, but it does take time.

But, once you go the distance, it happens by itself.

Here’s What You’re Going To Get Today…

Wolverine Stamina: How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation in Seven Days Guaranteed

I reveal the closely-guarded secrets male adult film stars use to have true Wolverine
without pills, without creams and while enjoying sex more than ever and, of
course, exactly
how you can do the same.

The techniques are easy to learn and use. No special exercises are required. You’ll learn them in a matter of minutes and start using them that same night
to last and last and last.

It’s taking me a long time to figure this stuff out, but I’m pleased to
say I finally cracked the code on how to last as long as you want in bed no matter your
physical fitness level, or how sexy the woman is you are with.

Wolverine Stamina breaks down into three modules.

Module 1: Secret of Wolverine Stamina

In this first exciting module, In this first exciting module, my buddy and world famous porn star Marcus London reveals the little-known secrets us male porn stars use to
have total cock control.
You’ll hear from Marcus London, and the Female
Adult Performer of The Year, Adriana Chechik, as we pull back the curtain and expose the
tactics and techniques to not only lasting long enough to give your girl the most
intense orgasms of her life, but also how to get rock-hard and stay that way as long
as you want.

  • In this exciting seminar, you’ll discover what porn stars know about lasting and
    staying hard that 99% of men will never discover
  • How to give her orgasms before sex so when you are inside her,
    it’s like the dessert on an amazing meal
  • How to increase the volume and power of your ejaculations
    giving both you and her an amazing extra burst of pleasure when you do finally
  • How to prepare yourself mentally before sex. Doing just this
    one simple relaxation exercise decreases your chances of blowing too soon by 66%,
    and much, much more

Module 2: Wolverine Stamina in Action

This is where Wolverine Stamina really comes to life. Now that you’ve gotten the foundation
down, it’s time to get into the really good stuff, and in this module, you’re going to see how
to put Wolverine Stamina into action.

You’ll watch as Marcus London gets it on with the beautiful Krissy Lynn and give her orgasm after orgasm
using the Wolverine Stamina techniques. But most importantly, while he’s giving it to
Krissy good, he’s explaining exactly what’s going on.

The most important things you’ll see in this live demonstration are the actual physical techniques Marcus uses to keep himself from losing control.

  • One special trick to add at least five minutes
    to your stamina
    a powerful trick that instantly freezes your orgasm and keeps you hard…
  • Special thrusting patterns unknown to all but the top male
    adult stars
    that allow you to have maximum stamina while at the same time giving
    her multiple orgasms.
  • Secrets of instant, rock-hard erections. you’ll discover
    the specific techniques we adult stars use to snap into attention at a moment’s
  • What you must do differently to last longer with really hot
    or with a girl you are sleeping with for the first time that you are really
  • What to do during foreplay to triple the
    chances of having an
    orgasm during penetration.
  • A great position to fuck her hard that requires almost no
    physical energy. Great to use if you’re out of shape.

Module 3: The Wolverine Stamina Interactive Trainer

I’m very excited about the third module in this series because it’s the first ever of its
an interactive stamina training module featuring Aaliyah Love, voted the best Solo Girl by

In this module, she’ll lead you through a simple exercise that will enable you to last as
as you want.

You’ll literally be able to cum on command when you
choose, every time. It’s that

Aaliyah will take you step-by-step through the male arousal ladder, showing you how to
stay in control no matter what during an amazing BJ, missionary, doggy style, or the
girl you have ever been with in your life.
It’s all covered.

This is the first interactive training program of its kind that essentially cures your PE on
its own.

Module 4: Oral Sex Mastery

I’ve decided to throw in a special bonus: a two-module live demonstration program, Oral Sex

In Oral Sex Mastery, you’ll get the secrets to both
giving and getting mind-blowing
oral sex and see them demonstrated by those who know it best, hot bisexual women.

You’ll discover the psychological trick that gets your girl to love going down on you, which
turns even
the most prude girl into a sex-crazed nympho
that wants you in her mouth all of the
time as

Seven oral sex secrets unknown to 99% of all men that triple the
intensity for her and
much, much more.

Oral Sex Mastery features full-on explicit demonstrations of all these techniques, plus
dozens more. If you’re ready to give your woman the most intense oral orgasms
humanely possible and get her to crave going down on you, then you’re going to love this

That’s $497.00 Worth Of Under-The-Radar Techniques To Stay Hard And Last As Long As You Want In Bed

Well, because I can’t show these unique porn stars sex secrets to too many guys, I was
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guys who use them to cure their stamina forever. But then I thought about it and I felt it
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Try Wolverine Stamina for 365 full days, FREE.

I want you to last as long as you want every time
because it
is one of the foundations of sex.

That’s why I want to make it as easy and risk-free as possible for you to get this
area of
your life handled, which is why I’ve created my “Last 15 minutes or it’s free” guarantee.

If after your third time having sex after discovering these secrets you aren’t lasting at
least 15 minutes with your girl, I’ll refund every cent of your money instantly and with
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I’m that confident in my ability to help you eliminate your premature ejaculation for good
and I want to prove it to you.

I must ask you…

Are You Ready To Unleash Your Girl’s Inner Sexual Desires With Wolverine Stamina?

It’s amazing just how easy it is to take a girl over the edge when you can pound her hard as
long as you want. Imagine how awesome it will be to
last as long as you want every time. You’ll have a 100% confidence because you are rock hard and ready and lasting as long as you

Imagine how good it will feel to see all girls screaming in ecstasy
as you pleasure her the way you have always wanted to.

When you have Wolverine Stamina, you better be ready because a lot
more of your time is going to be spent having sex, guaranteed.

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