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With The “We Teach Sex™” Motherlode, You Can Be THE BEST LOVER She’s Ever Had…

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Motherlode Program #1:
Get Her To Do ANYTHING You Want (Value $67)

  • A special “sensual massage” used before sex that primes a woman to
    have MULTIPLE ORGASMS (Doing this first gets her so incredibly turned on, she’ll
    begging you inside her)…
  • 3 THINGS you need to do OUTSIDE the bedroom that make her
    to please you INSIDE the bedroom (if you don’t do these or forget to do these things,
    you get “the corpse pose” from your woman)…
  • Ethical Yet Devastatingly Effective Mind Control: How
    to deeply
    impress upon her subconscious mind subliminal commands like giving you more blowjobs
    (because, believe it or not, women love giving regular and spontaneous BJs)…
  • How to be dominant – without having to act like a tool…
  • The #1 mistake guys make in the bedroom. Plus, why size
    doesn’t matter if you can give THIS to her…

Motherlode Program #2:
Dirty Talk Techniques (Value $127)

  • The 9-word sentence that can turn ANY girl, even the most
    well-mannered and reserved, into a raging nymphomaniac hot for just you and your
  • The exact moment to compliment a woman during sex (and you
    believe the body part she likes to be complimented on)
  • Why your girl needs to hear you dirty talk (and it’s not
    because it turns her on)
  • The #1 weird, but true domination fantasy she’s craving to hear
    from you (no… you don’t have to wear a policeman’s uniform)…
  • When dirty talk doesn’t have to be dirty: know when to hold
    the flow of filthy fun and then have her pleading for you to call her “my little

Motherlode Program #3:
The Awakening: Reignite Your Sex Life (Value $47)

  • A simple shift to make in the missionary position that gives
    the feeling you are a full TWO inches and thicker inside her…
  • One way to ressurect a dead-as-a-doornail sex life. Plus,
    the #1
    question you need to ask yourself if you’re not having sex in your relationship…
  • 3 “Sexual Initiation Triggers” — Touch these sensitive
    BEFORE sex to make her shake with anticipation… then again DURING sex to take her over
    the edge (do this if you like to hear her scream as she orgasms)…
  • Sneaking off to masturbate alone? With our Motherlode, you
    need to ever again, because she’ll want to watch…
  • How to overcome the ‘fear factor’ in telling blondey what
    really want in bed…
  • Why when women get to a certain age, they need more visual and
    vocal stimulation…
    and what to do and say to get her rapidly aroused…
  • How to return to the crazy lust-and-passion-filled nights

    that time when you first met your lady…

Motherlode Program #4:
Foreplay King: Master Her Arousal (Value $67)

  • A special place (and a special way) to touch a woman that
    guarantees mind-warping sex! (This technique is so simple… and so little-known… 75%
    of all women don’t even know about it)
  • Why most guys fail miserably at foreplay. Avoid these
    mistakes and
    make her cum FASTER…
  • How to make her ultra-sensitive to every touch. THE ONE
    THING you
    should do before you even think about lunging for her tits and ass…
  • How to get a woman so worked up she just wants to flip you
    over and
    climb on top of you…
  • The most sensual area of a woman’s body. Gently touch or
    blow on
    this area and she’ll melt. (Plus, two weird areas women love to be touched that you’d
    never believe)…
  • Flirting Fingers: exactly where to run your fingers on her
    beautiful body…and in what order for her maximum pleasure.

… A Total Value Of $308.00!

Yet There’s So Much More In
Your “We Teach Sex”
Motherlode Training Package…

Motherlode Program #5:
Get Her Sexually Addicted To You (Value $67)

  • Secrets of sexual addiction – Here’s how to get her so into
    you she
    won’t even look at another man (Warning: this will cause a woman to want to be around
    you a LOT
    … so it’s best not to use it unless you are really into her)…
  • 1 simple trick to get her seducing her way into your pants.
  • Plant the seeds of blindingly powerful, take-over-her-mind
    of unconditional love and devotion…
  • How to unleash her sexually aggressive side that she reveals
    you and you alone…
  • “Mental Fucking”: the fastest way into her wet panties is
    her mind…
  • THE #1 THING that guarantees she’s sexually satisfied
    (more than
    just an orgasm)… suddenly she’s begging you for more… and she’s telling her friends all
    about you…

Motherlode Program #6:
Threesome Mastery (Value $127)

  • How to get your girl to initiate a threesome… and think it
    was all
    her own idea in the first place!
  • How to deal with her jealousy and have your girl not just be
    excited to have a threesome with you… but for her to be in total control…
  • Should you focus on your girlfriend OR the new girl? The
    will surprise you…
  • Body language ‘tells’ to look out for. How to know instantly
    your girl is truly enjoying herself or if she’s just going through the motions and can’t
    wait for it to be over…
  • Penetration to blow her mind: Threesome video demonstration with
    Marcus, Riley and Adriana…

Motherlode Program #7:
Stamina Control (Value $47)

  • What to focus on during sex – you’ll never again be referred
    to as
    a “2-pump-chump”…
  • Which sex positions work best to enhance and control your blood
  • Three ways to stay rock-hard for as long as you both need…
  • Does size really matter? The truth from a hot pornstar may shock
  • One counter-intuitive thing you must do if you want to bring
    her to
    orgasm quicker…

That brings your Motherlode Package Value to $549.00!

Yet, There’s Even More!
Check Out These Special Sex Life-Transforming Bonuses…

Motherlode Program #8:
“Unleash the Beast Animalistic Sex (Value $67)

  • Unleash her inner animal instinct until she’s tearing your
    off with her teeth…
  • “Take me now!”: Why she subconsciously demands to be ‘taken’
    rough, hot, animalistic sex…
  • Slow or fast? How to dial up (or down) the intensity at just
    right moment…
  • One pornstar-approved way for dealing with feelings of
  • How to make your partner feel safe sharing her most erotic,
    dirtiest fantasies with you…

Motherlode Program #9:
Unfriend Zone Yourself (Value $67)

  • Exactly what to do when your friend finds a new piece of
    you suddenly become practically nonexistent to them…
  • The one thing you can do right now to give your ‘friend’
    lust-filled thoughts about you…
  • How to know if your friend is open to taking your relationship
    (This is the major reason why so many guys stay trapped in the friend
  • Friend Zone Blindness: why so many women are totally
    oblivious to
    their male friend’s desires for them and how you can break out of their obliviousness…
  • The Phantom Friend Zone: Can you ever go back to being
    after you have sex? Smokin’ hot adult movie star Adriana Chechik has the answer…

Plus! Plus! Plus!

Platinum Support Upgrade (Value $67): priority service includes
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