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From: Marcus London
RE: What You Need To Know About Female Orgasms [URGENT]

If you’ve ever been with a woman that wasn’t easily sexually satisfy, you’re about to learn a trick that guarantees she will have the best orgasm of her life…with very little hard work, and only takes a few minutes to learn…

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You can give any girl you choose a squirting orgasm. No matter her age, her sexual experience, or if she is conservative in the bedroom…

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Due to its sensitive nature, it could be banned and removed at any time.

First off, I need to share with you the 5 types or female orgasms, and knowing the difference will help you understand more about the squirting orgasm.

Female Orgasm Number One:

The Clitoral Orgasm

A clitoral orgasm is the most common type of female orgasm, and I’m sure you already know that a girl experiences this type of orgasm from clitoral stimulation usually by your fingers, your tongue, or a toy.

This is the most common female orgasm.

Most guys can give this type of orgasm to a girl, so it’s likely that most girls you’ve been with have had one of these orgasms with another guy before you.

Female Orgasm Number Two:

The G-Spot Orgasm

A G-spot orgasm is a little more tricky. Some people call this an ‘Internal orgasm’ or a ‘Deep spot orgasm’ because a girl experiences it from stimulation on the inside of her.

Because of this, she gets more of a full body sensation than she does from just a clitoral orgasm. While G-spot orgasms used to be a mystery, in the last decade or so, the words got out, and now, more and more guys know how to give a girl these orgasms.

This is the type of orgasm a girl is likely to have through penetration if she’s with a guy who’s good in bed.

These internal orgasms feel much better to a girl than a clitoral orgasm, so when a guy can give a girl this type of orgasm, she’ll automatically consider him to be pretty good in bed.

Female Orgasm Number Three:

The Simultaneous Orgasm

A simultaneous orgasm is when a girl experiences a clitoral orgasm and a G-spot orgasm at the same time.

This is a difficult one to pull off for guys that requires just the right finger and tongue technique or finger and penetration technique, but what’s really tough is the timing.

Even if you have the technique right, the timing has to be perfect. Because of this, it’s very hard for a guy to give a girl a simultaneous orgasm.

Girls who are experienced self-lovers have probably had this, but not often because the feeling is not that much better than having different types of orgasms on their own.

Female Orgasm Number Four:

Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms are when a girl experiences either clitoral or G-spot orgasms over and over again.

This is a very exciting feeling for a woman, and if a guy has great tongue technique or amazing stamina, he can usually give a girl multiple orgasms and she will consider him to be great in bed.

Sex Secret Number Five:

The Squirting Orgasm

The squirting orgasm is entirely different to the ones we’ve already spoken about.

The best way to understand what a squirting orgasm feels like for a woman is to think of your own orgasm. Go ahead. Think about what it feels like right now.

Now, imagine how it would feel if you had an orgasm but nothing came out, like if you have the orgasm, but you didn’t ejaculate.

Wouldn’t it feel weird, even incomplete?

This is what the clitoral and G-spot orgasms feel like for a woman, but here’s the thing. If they’ve never had a squirting orgasm, they don’t know what they’re missing. They think a clitoral or G-spot orgasm is the best feeling they can get.

After all, it’s the best they’ve ever had, but then, they meet a guy who can give them a squirting orgasm, and oh my God.

It’s unlike anything else they’ve ever experienced and makes all other orgasms they’ve had in the past seem like nothing.

Here’s What Your Going To Get Today…

Squirting School:

How to Give Your Girl The Ultimate Orgasm

If you can watch TV and press a few buttons on a remote control, then you have what it takes to give your girl the orgasm of her life.

It’s much easier than you think.

I’ll then teach you the actual technique for getting your girl to squirt, the stroke to use, way to caress, and how much pressure and for how long.

There’s not much to memorize and you’ll have it all down in about five minutes.

Then, we get to the fun stuff.

I created this program to make you a master of the squirting orgasm, and in order to do that, I’m going to demonstrate the technique for you on five real girls. These girls are different ages, different looks, and from all levels of sexual experience.

Module 1: Secret of The Squirting Orgasm

In this first exciting module with Riley Reid, 2015 AVN Female Performer of The Year, I reveal the exact techniques for giving any girl a squirting orgasm the first time you try. Riley doesn’t often have squirting orgasms, and the last time she did, the guy did it wrong and it was painful, so needless to say, I have my work cut out for me.

  • In this hot demonstration scene, you’ll discover the proven sequence for getting a girl mentally and physically ready for squirting orgasms.
  • As part of your complete education, we’ll take things to the next level as I’ll show you two more ways to give her squirting orgasms after the initial orgasm is completed. Each more intense than the last.

Module 2: First Time Squirting

Alexis Monroe. Alexis is one of those girls who seemed way too hot to be naked on video, but she’s as curious about squirting as every other girl in the world and wants to see what it’s like. After the first orgasm, you’ll hear her ask me, “How did you do that?”, and then you’ll watch me show her again, and again, and again.

The most important things I show you in this live demonstration are the actual physical techniques I use to give any woman these orgasms.

  • Foolproof way to find it on any girl in seconds the very first time you try.
  • The exact amount of fingers to use, where and how to use them, and how much pressure to use. Get this wrong and she will never squirt.
  • How often you should give your girl a squirting orgasm. Any more or any less will make a big difference in her sexual apatite.
  • What you must do with your hands before you touch a girl if you want her to feel comfortable with you giving her a squirting orgasm.
  • What you must do differently with a woman who is more conservative in the bedroom.
  • What to do with yout fingers that aren’t inside of her. This is very important. Many guys miss it and when they do, it’s unlikely she’ll orgasm.
  • The two other techniques guys use to make a girl squirt and why you should never use them. Not only are the less effective, but they can actually hurt your girl.

Module 3: The Surprise of Squirting

Elsa Jean. Not only is 20-year old Elsa new to squirting orgasms. She’s new to video, and here, you’ll see her very first squirting scene ever.

In this scene, you’ll see me make this sexy, barely legal lady have the most incredible orgasm of her entire life. The technique I use is easy.

You’ll be able to do it yourself after you see me do it first, but wow, what a result. Just wait until you see how hard she climaxes over and over again.

Also, pay close attention to the techniques I use to get Elsa relaxed and comfortable with me in this scene.

If I’ve done anything to make her uncomfortable, I wouldn’t have been able to make her squirt, but fortunately, all went well and she came like you’re not going to believe. You’ll be able to use these same secrets when you’re with a girl for the first time to make her explode with pleasure literally.

Module 4: How to Make Any Girl Squirt

Mona. In this scene, you’ll see veteran squirter, Mona Wales.

This girl can squirt from just about any kind of stimulation.

No hard work or special technique needed here. In this hot scene, you’ll see Mona literally squirt across the room.

There is no better way to learn then by watching these explicit demonstrations.

By the time you’ve gone through them, you’ll know exactly how to make your girl squirt over and over again while she begs you for more.

Module 5: How to Give Multiple Orgasms

I’ve decided to throw in a special bonus: a two module live demonstration program, Advanced Sex Positions For Amazing Orgasms.

What is it: In Advanced Sex Positions For Amazing Orgasms, you’ll see 3 hot bi-sexual girls demonstrate the positions to use for giving any girl multiple orgasms.

If you’re serious about being the best your girl has ever had, you’re going to love the secrets inside this steamy video program.

With the secrets inside of this program, she’ll be screaming your name and clawing up your back as you give her the most intense orgasm she’s ever had during intercourse guaranteed.

That’s $497.00 Worth Of Under-The-Radar Techniques To Give Your Girl Squirting Orgasms and Multiple Orgasms During Sex

Well, because I can’t show these unique porn stars sex secrets to too many guys, I was originally going to price it at $497 as these secrets will be worth 10 times more to the guys who use them to cure their stamina forever. But then I thought about it and I felt it wasn’t right to keep them from the guys who might need them the most, but don’t have 500 bucks lying around.

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For today only, I’m letting the program go for just $69. That includes all Squirting School modules as well as the Advanced Sex Positions For Amazing Orgasms, a two module program.

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If after you watch all of the modules and try the techniques you learn, and you can’t make your girl have a squirting orgasm, I’ll refund every cent of your money instantly and with no questions asked and no hassles.

I’m that confident in my ability to help you eliminate your premature ejaculation for good and I want to prove it to you.

Why am I making you such a crazy guarantee?

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Imagine how good it will feel to see all girls screaming in ecstasy as you pleasure her the way you have always wanted to.

When you have Squirting School, you better be ready because a lot more of your time is going to be spent having sex, guaranteed.

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