Rear Entry Mastery

Hey guys, I’m Alex More, one of the coaches here at, and I need to ask you a
serious question about your sex life right now.

You have to promise not to laugh. Even though this question is a little personal, a lot of
guys think it’s funny, but trust me it’s not.

How many times have you tried to get your girl to have anal sex? How many times have
you had the urge to fulfill that crazy fantasy but it never happened because she always
rejected you?

Once? A few times? All the time?

Maybe you never even asked her, because you were too scared she would say no and think you
were a pervert.

The odds are, if you’re still reading this right now, then you’ve tried to get your girl to
have backdoor sex before, but she’s rejected you every single time and you just end up
frustrated and pissed because you can’t do anything else but jack off to anal porn.

The Number 1 Secret About Anal Sex

The biggest secret there is about anal sex, is that women think about it MORE than men. Sounds
crazy, right?

This whole time you’ve had the misconception that we women hate anal sex, but the honest truth
is, we think about it as much as you do.

It’s just that we girls are taught to be reserved and shy, we’re also a little embarrassed and
scared to admit it.

However, deep down, we’re naturally as wild and have crazy fantasies just like you. You just need
to know how to bring it out of us.

Sounds too shocking to believe?

Well how about this then, in a recent university study, they found out that the percentage of
women who have tried backdoor sex went up from 18% to 73% in the last 10 years, but that’s not

They also discovered that the percentage of women who have seriously considered backdoor sex was,
get this, a stunning 91%. Like I said, we ladies are pretty wild, we just don’t want to admit

The Number 2 Secret About Anal Sex

94% of women reach orgasm through backdoor sex. That’s way higher than vaginal sex, and even oral

Yes, you read that right.

We women have a higher rate in having an orgasm through anal sex than vaginal or oral sex.

Not only that, the orgasms we have through backdoor sex are much more intense. In the same study
they discovered 65% of women reached orgasm through vaginal sex, 81% of women reached orgasm
through oral sex, 94% women reached orgasm through anal sex.


It really isn’t that shocking if you think about it. That area of a woman’s body is much, much
more sensitive than any other place in our body.

Despite all of this, most guys just don’t know how to get us to try it, or worse, they don’t even
ask us to.

I’m here to tell you that we do want to have backdoor sex and that we need a man that can take
charge and give it to us the right away.

You have to understand, we ladies love to have fun and expand our sexual horizons too.

How to unlock the secret wild side of your woman.

I’ll be straight up with you, when most guys ask their girl to try anal, they do it in a way that
almost guarantees she says no. This can be a very sensitive subject for a woman.

There’s a chance she’s tried it in the past with someone who didn’t know what they were doing,
and if so she probably hated it.

There are also those girls that feel it’s demeaning, or just dirty and are grossed out by it, but
it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are the three biggest mistakes guys make when it comes to getting their woman to try anal
sex, or any wild fantasy for that matter. If you make even one of these three mistakes with
girl, you can just about forget about having any backdoor fun.

Anal Sex Mistake Number 1

Guys never ask. If a guy never brings up the idea of doing something wild, we certainly won’t.

One of our biggest fears is for us to tell you about a fantasy of ours and have you not be into
We’re afraid that you would judge us or think we’re slutty, so we just don’t bring it up.

If you don’t ask your woman to try something wild in the bedroom, don’t expect it to happen on

Even if we’ve always secretly fantasize about taking it from behind, you’d be amazed at just how
many women do.

Anal Sex Mistake Number 2

Guys make her worried. Another one of a woman’s fears in trying backdoor sex is that it will turn
out badly. She’s afraid it might hurt, or worse, get messy, then she’ll get super embarrassed
and feel like she did something wrong.

Again, I don’t need to tell you that women are very sensitive and take mistakes in the bedroom
very personally.

For example, this is why we girls get freaked out if a guy can’t get up. We think it’s because
we’re not pretty enough or doing something wrong. The same holds true with trying new taboo
activities, especially anal.

If a guy says to us, “Let’s try anal,” we immediately start thinking of all the things that could
go wrong. It makes us really likely to say no.

On the other hand, if the guy seems confident in himself, and seems to know exactly how to make
the experience go well, we are much more likely to say yes.

While we don’t necessarily want to be just another girl to act out a fantasy with you, we
certainly don’t want to feel like your guinea pig while you stumble around.

It’s important when approaching a girl with something you want to try out that you’ve at least
researched it, and know how to make the experience go well if you want us to feel comfortable
enough to let loose with you.

Anal Sex Mistake Number 3

Guys ask the wrong way. Okay, so you gathered up the balls to ask your girl to try taking in her
naughty place, but that’s only half the battle.

Unfortunately for you fellas, we ladies have been brought up to be just that, ladies.

You may have heard the phrase, a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets, well we like that
phrase too.

Unless you know how to bring up and sell us on the freaky stuff in a way that makes us
comfortable and excited about trying it out, we are going to turn it down.

It’s just the way it is.

If a guy asks us to do something wild in bed, and he asks in the wrong way, we will say, “No,”
even if it’s something we want to do.

Just because we have a wild side doesn’t mean we aren’t sensitive creatures.

Just as you need to say and do the right things to get a woman attracted to you in the first
place, you need to know exactly what to say and do in the bedroom if you want to get her to act
out your wild fantasies and explore the naughty side of her sexuality.

Fortunately there is now an easy way to learn.

The secrets of getting your girl excited to try anal…

I recently got together with a few of my hottest girlfriends, and created a brand new program for that shows you exactly what to say and do to get your girl to not only try
backdoor sex, but actually get excited and turned on by the idea of exploring this naughty taboo
with you.

Easy Back Door Entry

  • You’ll get the specific lines and techniques to bring the topic up
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  • Discover the exact words to say to bring up backdoor entry, get her
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  • How to use the taboo and naughtiness of anal sex to your advantage,
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  • How to take away her fear of it hurting, plus the exact sequence of
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  • Explicit demos of anal sex toys, the best lubes to use, and much,
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  • How to use anal toys to not only bring her to anal orgasms but to
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  • Why this common lubricant sold in every pharmacy actually causes a
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  • How long she wants anal sex for, it’s a very different amount of
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  • The best way to finish anal sex.
  • One small trick to add to anal sex that takes the mental
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    to physical. This can lead to some screaming orgasms.
  • The three best positions for anal, two of these positions are to
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For Adventurous Lovers Only!

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What does Easy Back Door Entry include?

Module 1: Get Your Woman To Initiate Anal Sex.

This is where we sit
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Module 2: First Time Anal Sex Secret.

We Uncover everything you
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Module 3: Body Worshipping.

This is technique that allows you to
turn any part of your girl’s body into a pleasure zone, getting her turned on instantly
and ready to fuck.

Module 4: First Time Back Door Entry Demonstrated.

This is a step
by step video demonstration of what you must do the first time you have anal sex with
your girl.

Module 5: Bi-Sexual Anal Sex Demonstration.

Watch as we demonstrate
the correct techniques you must use to have your girl loving anal sex with you.

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