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Getting Her Turned On

Getting Her as Turned On as You Are!

Come on admit it, sometimes you just want to grab her like a blowup doll and pump until you blast her to the moon. This is perfectly normal. It’s something that most men desire because most of us have never done it before. In fact we would probably never do it because we would end up feeling guilty about it. Sex is not only about getting pleasure, it is also about giving her pleasure! That makes you a good man for thinking so. (Pat yourself on the back) However, here are some pointers to help you get away with it, perhaps even unnoticed!!! (Hey I’m not the “love master” for nothing) You can haul off on her and still give her the pleasure that she wants and deserves.

The main thing that stops us from being able to haul off on each other is the fact that men and women usually move at a different pace. Now don’t get me wrong, there are those times when a girl just wants you to come home, rip your pants off, hike up her skirt and go to town on each other! This is usually not an everyday thing though. So when this tactic is not going to work, (for her anyway, you know that you would always like it no matter what), things become difficult because males and females go through the motions differently. That’s why I personally always try to convince girls to become lesbians, LOL. They would probably get each other off much better than I could. Anyhow, since we don’t live in a perfect world, here are the techniques to get around this situation:

Communication: As I’ve said before, you have to know what she likes. And the best way to start is by asking. Tell her to let you know what works. From my personal experience, the alphabet method on the clitoris is a decent technique. So start there. If you feel she doesn’t like it, ask her. Trust me, it’s a quick and easy way to get to the bottom of things.

I got skills: By now you should figure out that to know what she wants, you should ask! So before you get too far into the act, just ask her to tell you everything. And then you can start exploring for yourself! However, please realize that you should try one or two things first, and then listen and look for her reaction. If you are getting enough cues, then you can ask her later. She’s not giving you a Christmas list, for crying out loud. She needs to experience the things that you have to offer first and then decide if she likes it or not. Here are the things to try and add to your bag of tricks:

  • Alphabet trick ( don’t worry, you don’t need to actually know your alphabet)
  • G-spot location (whether it’s a myth or not!!!)
  • Teasing
  • Which side is better

================AND THE ULTIMATE TRICK===================

  • Extra Pressure

Alphabet Trick: This has been described before by many men around the world, so I’m going to make this one quick. Basically you form a good seal around the part of her vagina that’s closest to the belly button. Her clit is in there somewhere (you don’t necessarily need to find it exactly). When doing this, spell out the alphabet with your tongue on her skin. Make sure to keep a good seal and dig it in there good!

G-spot location: Whether or not the G-spot really exists is up to you to believe. Regardless of whether or not it is there, however, there is a spot that feels great for girls. If it doesn’t bring an instant orgasm, it sure helps to get her there quicker. It is the thing in there that somewhat resembles the ball hangy thing in the back of your throat, known as your tonsils. It is against the vaginal wall on the inside. And it is not as deep as you might think. It is not a big bump at all, and it feels spongy. Alternate pressure until you are ready to apply the ultimate pressure, which will be described later.

Teasing: Teasing is just downright fun! This is used to get her as excited as possible to start things off right. Start with the nipples, or should I say lack thereof! Lick every part of her tit but the nipple. When she thinks your finally going to start munching on her neglected nipple, move to the other tit. Don’t let her have it until she’s suffered a minute or two. The same goes for going down on her. Lick the inside of her thighs and right around her vaginal lips. Then breathe really hard on her vagina so she thinks you’re going in, but then simply kiss your way back up to her lips. Also, lick and kiss behind her ear and down her neck (yes, actually use your tongue, just the tip though, don’t slime her). Do simple and creative things like that to get her wound up. You’ll thank me later!

Which side is better? : This is a rather bold claim to be making, because it is almost like saying that I know what ALL girls want (which isn’t necessarily the case). From my experience, however, you should always go with the side that their stomach is on. In other words, if she were on her stomach, or knees, you would be fingering towards the bed. I guess the best way to say it is, you want your fingers to try to find out what’s on the other side of her belly button from the inside. If you don’t think so, ask her. When having sex though, the best spots that your penis can hit are the front side. So fingering really shouldn’t be any different. But go ahead and mix it up. Sometimes face your two fingers towards the back. Or even on one side or the other, even though it might feel weird.

Pressure: Here it is, the pressure trick. First though, I will talk about pressure in general before getting to the main trick. The most effective part of your fingers is the tips. Guitar players know what I’m talking about. Most of the time you should use your tips. But like before, mix it up a bit. Getting back to just the tips, especially on the g-spot that I’ve described above. If she is on her knees above you and you are fingering her, or if she is on her back on the bed and she lifts her butt up, you can apply awesome pressure with your fingertips. Especially when she lifts her butt up, you can really get into where your penis would never be able to go. It’s almost as if you are reaching around a bone or something to get to a secret chamber. Not to stress communication again, but to find this wonderland for yourself, you might need to ask her to lift her butt up while she is on her back (remember to feel around towards the front of her body). When you do find her G-spot (which you may have already found but just didn’t pay attention because it seemed to obvious) apply strong up and down fingertip pressure to the sides of the spongy ball, and then “hook” the part of it that is in there the deepest and give that thing a tug. I recommend you do this with her on her knees over you facing like in a 69 position. Regardless if the G-spot exist or not, it will still feel great for her.

As for the “ultimate pressure” trick. It is really pretty simple. All you have to do is push down on the lower part of her stomach while fingering her. You should be using the tips again (I should also note that you DO NOT need to make a pumping motion with your hand to finger her. Scraping around the inside is just fine! Once again, mix it up. Try scraping with your fingertips when they are just barely inside of her. And then as far as you can reach. And then somewhere in the middle. Just mix it up and stay on that front wall. You should put your other hand on her body where you can feel what your fingers are doing inside of her. Try to tickle your palm right through her body. The intensity will be astonishing to her!

Application: Now you are ready for a trial run before asking her what she wants. As I have said before, girls and guys go about sex completely differently. As men, we masturbate enough to make the thing go numb (in other words, probably more than we should). We don’t care too much about the in-between. We like the orgasms! When we do manage to time the orgasms, however, we wind up going to early still. Because girls get there and stay there, and stay there! Hell, they pitch a damn tent and have a week’s supply of rations. It’s almost not fair (that’s why they have to carry and give birth to children). The point is, they want the in-between to last longer. From what I have been told, no fingering or tongue technique can replace a nice warm (and well protected, of course) penis. Even those girls that can only cum by clitoral stimulation, like penises! So this is what you can do, have her on her knees with you lying perpendicular to her and behind her. When she starts to get that twitch thing going after you’ve teased and fingered her slowly, you put your penis in and go to town. Most girls can orgasm many times. So you have plenty of time! While you are pumping say something wild right in her ear. Something like, “I’m not going to stop!” Or say something simple like, “f#@k yeah baby!” She will be in heaven guaranteed.

And like always, you can mix things up! Say that you did cum earlier than you wanted to. Make sure that she winds up getting satisfied, too. Don’t worry, it is much more fun when you are confident that you can get her there. You will learn to love her reactions. If you happen to go “minute man” on her, and you want to thank her for the quick, much needed boink-fest, you can always apply the alphabet trick. And then after a while (and while still tonguing her clit), slip those talented fingers of yours in there and go to town. Don’t forget to nipple on the whole clit area now and then (not hard, though). Also feel free to drop your mouth to where your fingers are and lick into the whole thing every now and then.

With these tricks, getting her to orgasm has never been more fun. You may even find yourself laughing at her convulsive reactions. With pleasure like that, you can feel free to pump away!!! Enjoy!